Testosterone Propionate

  • A comparison of pre-workout testosterone levels and cortisol in the “elite” and “non-elite” women athletes showed the following trend: the “elite” athletes there is a greater level of free testosterone in Testosterone Propionate the blood. He was consistently above 112% in the “elite” athletes than not such perspective. The use of testosterone was shown to have influence on the competitiveness and performance speed.

    • An interesting fact is that the benefits of testosterone is evident even in the impact on the income of traders in the financial markets. And it points to the link between testosterone and wealth. This reflects not only the use of testosterone, in fact unnecessary risk and can lead to losses in the stock market.

    • the use of testosterone is manifested in its effect on the level of life expectancy for men. This is due to the ability of the hubbub strongly influence body composition: a higher level of testosterone means that you’ll have less fat and more muscle mass. This kind of the opposite of the effect of the hormone estrogen has on men.